Domain Purchase vs. Advertising Cost

Which one sticks and which one dies on the vine?

Why is it important to stand out?



Phone Book



1/5 page

2 color

$350- $425

per month



$4000 Annually




National Average


30 second spot $22


8 x daily $176



$860 per week




15 second spot 6am-9am

Local News

6 to 15 per day

4 days a week=

96 spots



$2800 Monthly




$160 per weekday

A” section 3 days a week 2”x3” ad

M-S (No Sunday)



$1920 Monthly


Internet Directories


Business listing in local internet directory


$30-$150 Monthly



Vehicle Graphics

Small car Yaris= $2000


Mid size= $2500


SUV= $3000-$3500





Direct Mail

4.25 X 11” color card


Saturation of 5000 homes

Cards & Postage=


$1363 each campaign





Website Construction

SEO monthly follow up

$700 Average site

$360 SEO






Business Networking Organization


$365 yearly dues


$200 added expenses for gas/travel


3 year membership





8000 Door Hangers

2 side color $875

$9 hr for delivery

$150 gas







$3000 Artwork and Install

Prices vary via demographics









$500 per flight

The scope of advertising can be limitless. The degree of a finished product in print, TV, radio, or other media can only be measured by restrictions of budget. 85% of the above mentioned forms of advertising lose their effectiveness the moment you stop paying for them.

Only the vehicle wrap and website are paid for.


This means you will always be paying for advertising.


That's not the case when you OWN the best category defining domain name available. Less than one hour of effort a month and you can stay in front of the customers actively searching for you. That is something 70% of the above mentioned advertising cannot guarantee!