What is a domain name?

A domain name is much like a business address. It is the place where people can find your company and view your products, services and/or information via the Internet. The growing use of the Internet and the millions of addresses available requires people to strategically choose their domain name. A domain name is part of the Domain Name System (DNS), a set of guidelines and rules developed by the Internet community, which substitutes words for a complex list of numbers to go from one place to another on the Internet.

What should I expect to spend on a domain name?

There are several things you need to look at when valuing a domain name:

* Length of domain- is it too long for users to remember.

* Brand recognition - is it easily recognized.

* Marketability of the domain- how marketable is it.

Domain prices will continue to go up as the supply decreases and the demand increases. But what will always hold true is the importance of securing a suitable and marketable domain name in order for your organization to thrive on the Internet.

Once you secure the domain name for your use you will simply have to pay a small renewal fee each year to your registrar. Fees range from $8.99 to $35.00 depending on where you choose to host your name.

Why are DOT COM domain names more valuable?

DOT COM names have several benefits over other types of domain names:

DOT COM is recognized, (even by the most amateur user) as the standard domain. Hence, when people type in a web address, also referred to as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), they often assume that the extension is DOT COM without giving it much thought. For those people who own a DOT NET or DOT ORG domain, they will often miss out on traffic due to this "standard assumption."

If you want to give an impression of being an experienced veteran in the Internet business, you'll definitely want to opt for DOT COM instead of DOT NET. The simple reason being that DOT COM is recognized around the world as the top domain for doing business.

What are the benefits of having your own domain name?

Web presence and name recognition of your company is the primary reason to secure your own domain. If you are serious about doing business on the Internet and you want to make a professional impression on those who visit your site, it is vital that you have a domain.

My company already has a domain name. Do I really need an additional domain name?

Even if you have a website that is already generating good traffic, by adding a keyword specific quality domain name, you can generate additional views of your company.

Many business owners invest a great amount of time & money into building and promoting a website but if their customers can not remember the exact address they may end up at a competitors website. Business cards and brochures get lost or tossed. Search engines are great for exploring the internet but often lead potential customers through a maze of options and sometimes to your competition. An easy-to-remember domain name is the most effective way to lead visitors directly to your website.

A keyword domain name is ideal if your company name is long, difficult to spell or does not generate traffic on it's own.

How do I know if my domain name is a "good internet name"?

A "good internet name" is descriptive and will easily attract visitors. A complex or difficult domain name that doesn't tell you anything about what is being offered will rarely attract traffic. Many companies will use their corporate name as their only web address even though their company name gives no clue of what is being offered.

A good internet domain name speaks for itself. www.LAflowers.com says a lot more about what the site could offer than www.JonesFamilyFlowers.com..... Not to mention how much easier it would be to communicate the actual domain name to a customer, friend or an associate.

A "GOOD INTERNET NAME" TEST: You can perform a perfectly simple test to see if a domain is "good internet name". Simply try  to pass it on over the phone to someone who has not heard it before. Inevitably, you will have to resort to phonetics (sounds) to communicate it. If the domain name consists of common dictionary words or common spoken words, your task will be easy. If it is easy to communicate.....It is easy to remember.

No doubt about it: a "good Internet name" increases the value of any quality website.

Why is it so important that my domain name sounds good?

The best thing you can ask for is that people (customers) remember your website. And it sure is a lot easier to remember a website, if you remember the name of the website.

A little hidden secret about memory, is that it works best on Auditory Input - what we hear, we remember stronger than what we see. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In turn this would mean that a sound speaks a million words. Just imagine a TV ad without the sound, or a movie without the sound - would all these feelings and these emotions be produced? Not likely! So, sound is very important. A high quality domain name must SOUND GOOD. Thus, many specialists in Domain names seem to feel that when a name "sounds" good, that its potential is really strengthened (especially if it is used in Radio or TV ads). (Remember the test above).

Why is it important for my domain name to stand out?

At the beginning of 1993 there were only 139 websites worldwide. By the end of that year it increased to 623. Halfway through 1994 it had increased to 2738 and had grown to over 10,000 websites by years end. At that point it made little difference which domain name you had. However today, with almost 644 million websites on the internet it is important to get noticed. To stand out in a crowd you've good to look good & sound good.

Can a keyword specific domain name help my search engine ranking?

Today more and more search engines "look" at the domain name itself  to see if it matches up with the keywords that are listed as meta tags for your site. These search engines also look at the quality of the domain name to see if it matches the word or keyword that the internet customer typed in the search engine. This alone can help you rank much higher because it is a well chosen keyword domain name.

Why are so many people buying domain names?

Domain names, as virtual property, are comparable to real estate. In a Bricks and Mortar Business the most important thing is Location, Location, Location. The web is no different except the word or words you choose for your Domain Names are your location. Choose a bad one and it's equivalent to locating your business on the wrong side of the tracks or on a street with no traffic. Choose a good one and it's like being located in the mall. Lots of traffic.

On the Internet, the best locations for Commercial Businesses are located on domain names with the DOT COM extension. DOT COM is now programmed in everyone's "brain cells".

Just about every day we hear the name DOT COM to describe the internet. Newspapers, magazines and TV stations use DOT COM as a descriptive term to refer to the entire internet industry or economy.

In addition DOT COM is the default setting on web browsers. A client can type a website name and current releases of Netscape and Internet Explorer will automatically add: http://www . and .com.

How long does the transfer process usually take?

We will start the purchase process immediately upon receiving your purchase information and payment. Under normal circumstances this process should take no more than three to five business days for your name to be fully functional.

Can I buy an internet domain name for less?

YES! You can buy a domain name for as little as $9 per year. . .

Any domain name will do if you just want to be on the internet!

**IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A PROFIT ON YOUR WEBSITE, CONSIDER THIS:  Many business owners have spent thousands of dollars to design that perfect web site only to find out that it is lost in cyberspace and virtually non-existent to potential new customers.

You need the right Internet Property to go with your Web Site to get your money's worth.

The best possible Internet real estate for any business is to have a domain name that describes what you do and where you do it.

The value of any property is determined by the business being applied to it, and the traffic that it will generate by the power of the name alone. Is it the most common sense path to your business?

Ask Yourself "How many new customers will it take to pay for this Domain Name?" and "Will this Domain Name bring that number?" The answer is obviously YES! even if you already have a good Domain Name, Simply redirect the traffic from this one to your site.

Does your current Domain Name pass the 'Radio' test? Can the average person remember it, and be able to go to your website after hearing your name just once? Does it have any dashes, acronyms, numbers 4 words, or other confusing things in it?

example: BEDZ-4-SALE.BIZ

Is it a .com? Anything else will not bring traffic by itself. And the .com names are worth an average of 25 times any other extension.

As the Internet continues to develop and become more commonly used for local business having an easy to remember name will also become more valuable This investment will continue to  increase in value whether the domain is developed or held for future profit.