Alpharetta is the best place to live in Metro Atlanta.

When considering where to live, it's important to consider of number of characteristics and expensive homes should be rather far down the list. More important is to consider what type of life you can have in the city based on more quantifiable traits. The city of Alpharetta has many of these quantifiable traits that allow the city to stand on its own and almost without support of the larger Metro area.

Here are the top 10 reasons to live in Alpharetta

1. The local economy - The local economy is very strong with many fortune 500 companies and job opportunities are readily available. These corporations provide an tremendous boost to the tax revenues afforded the city.

2. Tax revenue - Due to the large employment center located off of Windward Parkway, Alpharetta runs a budget surplus and reinvests in the community. This tax revenue combined with fiscally responsible politicians has given them a Triple A bond rating.

3. Emergency services - The emergency services department has an ISO rating of 2 which substantially reduces homeowners insurance costs thereby saving residents money. Only one other municipality in Metro Atlanta is rated as high.

4. Excellent School - The public education system regularly wins awards from elementary through high school and both high schools are among the 15 best in the state.

5. Low Crime - The crime rate is lower than Metro Atlanta, Georgia and the nation as a whole.

6. Cultural Activities, Shopping and Dining: Combined with great dining and already excellent retail shopping, there is little left in the whole Metro area that can't be found in Alpharetta.

7. Cost of Housing - When compared with other Metro Atlanta cities with similar amenities, employment and activities, homes for sale in Alpharetta are often larger and newer so for many, their money spent gets them into a nicer, newer home.

Together, these reasons effectively propel the suburb of Alpharetta to a position where it relies very little on the Greater Atlanta area of which it is a part. Be it for education, crime, employment or cultural activities, everyone can find something in Alpharetta.

Ryan Ward is the Principal of Premier Atlanta Real Estate and is a member of the national, state and local REALTOR associations, and resident of Alpharetta, Georgia who specializes in listing and selling Atlanta real estate. Contact Ryan Ward at 404.630.3187.

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